Trip Report January 2016 – Day 7

Trip Report January 2016 – Day 7

After years upon years of stressful last days we finally got smart and did not buy park tickets for our check-out day.  That meant that day 7 would be our last day in the parks and we had a long list of things we wanted to do again or missed the chance to do earlier.


Chinese Theater

We started the day in Hollywood Studios with a Fastpass for Great Movie Ride, which had skipped earlier in the trip.


Great Movie Ride

Then we all took turns experiencing our favorite attraction – Tower of Terror.


Doing child swap gave me time to enjoy the exterior and interior areas we usually breeze by.


Tower gift shop display

It was close to lunch time so we crossed the park to eat at Backlot Express.  Since we were close and knew it would soon be bulldozed, we strolled the Streets of America (but took no pictures?!) before heading back to Bay Lake Tower.

I and the baby were dropped off and the car emptied so the rental could be returned to the Car Care Center.  The drop off process took about 30 minutes, including being driven from the Car Care Center to the Grand Floridian.  While I was in the room starting to organize my mess for packing, everyone else went to the Magic Kingdom.  Big Thunder Mountain was a priority and they were unable to secure a Fastpass for a time that worked, so they waited in standby.  It was a busy day with lots of dance teams arriving for a weekend competition.  After Big Thunder they did a few things with no wait like Mickey’s Philharmagic and Tomorrowland Transit Authority.


Big Thunder Mountain

We regrouped in the early evening and cut the baby’s silhouette on Main Street.  I’ll post more about it later, but silhouettes offer a great value as a souvenir and capture a moment in time.  After this we enjoyed the nice weather and walked around the Magic Kingdom.


Finishing the silhouette for framing

We had dinner at Liberty Tree Tavern, which like Ohana is a trip tradition for our family.  Unfortunately the baby didn’t appreciate the tradition and was over the meal in an instant.  Not too long after we finished  grandma graciously took the baby back to Bay Lake Tower for bedtime and we stayed to enjoy date night in the Magic Kingdom!

I can’t fully describe how amazing it was to ditch the kid for a few hours and enjoy the park as we were accustomed to.  It really helped that the weather was great after two straight days of rain.  From 7:50-11:00 pm we rode Pirates of the Caribbean, TTA, Railroad, Little Mermaid, drank hot chocolate at Gaston’s, rode Big Thunder Mountain twice, and finished with Haunted Mansion as the park closed.

DSC01861.2 - Copy

Magic Kingdom Railroad

As I mentioned above, the Magic Kingdom was pretty busy on this Friday and we saw lots of dance groups.  Although regular park hours were late this night, they all seemed to have practice early in the morning and did not stay in the park super late.

We boarded the Railroad on its last pick-up in Storybook Circus.  While stopped at Main Street Station we became stuck waiting for the Main Street Electrical Parade to start.  I couldn’t count how many times I’ve been stuck by the parade if I tried, but this was my first time being stuck on a train.

DSC01864.2 - Copy

Main Street Electrical Parade while stuck on the Railroad at Main Street

We also watched part of Wishes from Frontierland and Big Thunder Mountain.


A terrible picture of Wishes from Frontierland

On our way out of the park, we saw the second running of the Main Street Electrical.  Parade viewing in Town Square was very light.


Main Street Electrical Parade in Town Square

It was a great way to end the trip and say good-bye to the parks!


Main Street Electrical Parade in Town Square

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