Staying Hydrated – Filter Water Bottle Review

Staying Hydrated – Filter Water Bottle Review

Staying hydrated is important when visiting theme parks, especially in the hottest summer months.  In preparation for our most recent trip in August, I bought a filter water bottle.

For Walt Disney World, I specifically looked for water bottles with built in filters.  Most of the tap and water fountain water tastes fine, but sometimes the water is extra “tasty.”  Anecdotally, I find the water at the Magic Kingdom and monorail resorts to have the strongest taste.  No matter how thirsty I am, I never drink from the water fountain at the monorail escalators in the Contemporary.

I used the Brita Sport Water Filtration Bottle.  It’s soft sided and has a soft plastic loop under the screw on lid, making it easy to attach to or carry inside a bag.  The cap pops up and you squeeze the water through the filter.  The bottle itself is soft but sturdy and easy to squeeze.


I stored the bottle sideways in my bag and it never leaked.  I tried clipping it onto my bag with a carabineer, but did not like the condensation getting on my clothes.

How well does the filter work?  I tasted the water from the fountains before filling my bottle, and in every instance the water tasted better out of the bottle.  This was true even in the locations that I would call bad tasting water.  This is a huge plus and really made the bottle worth carrying for me.

Looking for strategies for the best water experience?  Ice makes a big difference, since fountain water won’t be cool long enough to fill a bottle.  I would completely fill an empty bottle with ice anytime we were at a quick service location with self serve drink stations.  Then I’d fill with water.  By filling the entire bottle with ice, I could usually get a few refills at a fountain before all of the ice melted.  I always carry extra napkins from quick service meals, and these came in handy absorbing condensation.

Only fill water bottles at soda fountains or water fountains.  Water from faucets in bathrooms is often not potable.  The filter in these types of bottles does not make unsafe water safe.

Many people will say that you can get free cups of ice water at quick service restaurants, so why carry your own bottle?  That is true, but the times I’ve done this I consider not worth the time to go to a location, possibly get in a line and wait.  Water fountains are quickly and easily accessible, and I always have the water bottle with me.  In Walt Disney World, there is a water fountain nearby nearly every restroom.  This is less true in Disneyland, where fountain locations are seemingly unrelated to restroom locations.

A bottle of Dasani water cost $2.50 at Walt Disney World.  A Brita Sport Water Filter Bottle costs around $8-9.  It only takes 4 unpurchased Dasani before you recoup the cost of your Brita bottle.  After that, you’ll still have 250 refills left on one filter, plenty to last a full trip.  That’s all money saved in your pocket!

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