November Trip Report, Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party

November Trip Report, Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party

This is a continuation of Day 4, which can be found here!

Around 5:00, all 6 of us headed to the Magic Kingdom for Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party.  This is a specially ticketed event which runs from 7pm to midnight select days in November and December.  We walked from the Contemporary, and found extra bag checks setup to facilitate easier entrance for party guests.  In no time we were in the park.


We tried to eat at Columbia Harbor House, but it was already closed in preparation for its cookie service, so we went to Pecos Bill’s.  After dinner, we still about 45 minutes before the party started, so some of us jumped in line for Jungle Cruise, which would not be open during the party.  Jungle Cruise feels different after sunset, so we try to ride it different times of the day each trip.

All of us then made our way to Town Square Theater and got in line for the Princesses, who meet with their Princes during the party.  Rapunzel, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty had great interactions with children and adults alike.  After that, we jumped into line for Christmas Mickey and Minnie, who had a much shorter line than the princesses.

Both those meet and greets took up about an hour of the party, and by the time we were done, we didn’t see any decent spots on Main Street for the first parade.  There was a mobile cookie station near the Confectionary, so Tom and I got snickerdoodles and wondered around before settling down on a bench with almost no one else around us.


Certainly not the best view available, but we got to sit and had several feet of personal space.  We found out later that after our friends met Santa, they got good last minute spots near the end of the parade route in Town Square.


The Crystal Palace cookie station opened at 9:00, so we got in line for that once the last parade float passed.  The line got pretty long before 9 rolled around, but it went very quickly once the doors opened.  This time we got chocolate chip cookies and I got hot chocolate.  It wasn’t cold out, but it was free and it seemed appropriate for the spirit of the party.


We again staked out mildly terrible spots in front of Crystal Palace for Holiday Wishes.  We at least had railing to lean on and a fair amount of personal space since we edged a thoroughfare.



After Celebrate the Magic and Holiday Wishes, we let some of the crowd exit and then I got another hot chocolate before making our way to Frontierland.  Tom bought some popcorn (who buy snacks where there are free cookies everywhere?), and we went to the not so secret porch area just passed Liberty Tree Tavern to see the second showing of the parade.


There were more people standing by the rope than the last time we viewed a parade here, so the view was a dud.


Next we moseyed through Frontierland and rode Big Thunder Mountain twice, which was walk on.  By this time of night, and without wearing sweatshirts, they were pretty chilly rides.  Most of the rides in Fantasyland still had lines, so we went back to Little Mermaid.  Surprisingly almost no one was back there.


We rode it twice, and by the time we got off the second ride the party was officially over.


We lingered around New Fantasyland, taking some time to appreciate how the area transforms at night.




There was another person taking photos of this area, and we kept leapfrogging each other as we got closer to the castle.



We unintentionally became the last guest to exit Fantasyland, which we discovered when we passed a security guard at the castle.


After leaving an empty Fantasyland, we were surprised to find that there were actually a lot of people still in the hub and on Main Street.  So we slowed down, admiring the castle, enjoying the ambiance, and taking awful photos of ourselves (blue flood lights are decidedly unflattering).


Hands down, my favorite part of the night was walking down a nearly empty Main Street.


I’m quite enamored with the architectural design of Main Street, and having the time to really appreciate that without distraction was alone worth the admission.




The rest of the lingering party goers started to depart, leaving us with a good bye party of employees and billy goats.



It’s strange when security guards close the gate behind you.


We paused on the walkway to the Contemporary so I could put my camera away, and we heard the Background Music turn off.  Then the next morning, we saw that they had replaced a section of concrete right in the middle of Town Square!

There are no words to fully describe what it’s like to be on Main Street at night with almost no one else.  I was unprepared for how truly magical it felt.

If you like nighttime park photos, I recommend checking out Disney Tourist Blog.  They have some of the best Disney parks photos around.

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