Avatar Project No More?

Avatar Project No More?

It’s being reported online by IGN that there may be some indefinite delays in future Avatar projects – including movies and theme park additions.

In June, James Cameron announced that he would shoot the next three Avatar movies at one time.  According to IGN, Indie Wire is reporting that Avatar 4 will not be part of the group filming.  It’s also uncertain when filming would begin for Avatar 2 or 3, since Avatar 2 isn’t even slated to release until at least 2015.

What does this mean for the proposed World of Avatar land for Animal Kingdom, which Disney CEO Bob Iger announced a year ago?  The word on the web is that “due to creative differences between Cameron and Walt Disney Imagineering,” the project may be delayed indefinitely.

Other sources say that Imagineering never wanted the project to happen, so there could be some truth to these rumors. A similar situation is what sent Potter over to Universal – after Disney and J.K. Rowling could not come to terms.

Granted, this entire story is an assembly of rumors, but if this is true, it likely means good things for Disney’s Hollywood Studios, which would receive much-needed attention from WDI – and all the funds.

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