PhotoPass Options for Space Mountain

PhotoPass Options for Space Mountain

Beginning today, June 28, there are new PhotoPass options for the on-ride picture taken on Space Mountain in the Magic Kingdom.

The on-ride photo was added during the recent massive refurbishment of the ride, and now they’ve made it even more diverse with three options through the Disney PhotoPass service.

  1. You can purchase the photo as a “digital download” directly from the PhotoPass website.
  2. You can purchase the photo as a print in a variety of size options. You would receive this print immediately in the shop at the end of the ride.
  3. You can purchase the photo as a digital file combined with other content on a Disney USB flash drive. It will cost $25 for the USB drive and one on-ride photo. Additional photos can be added for about $10 each. The flash drive will include your ride photo plus seven professional photos of Space Mountain. You’re permitted to use the photos for any personal reason. They can also be printed as 4×6 pictures later for your photo album.

You must make the purchase while you’re still at the gift shop at the end of the ride, and you’ll receive a themed PhotoPass card for any of the options.

Once you add the Space Mountain PhotoPass ID to your PhotoPass account online, the ride photo will be available from your PhotoPass Download Center without requiring any additional form of payment. It will also appear as a regular PhotoPass picture in your album.

Your Space Mountain PhotoPass card can be used just like any other PhotoPass card, but only the Space Mountain photo will come with the extra features and be free for downloading later.

While this is only offered at Space Mountain right now, this is probably a sign of things to come for other attractions with on-ride photos.

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