Disneyland Hotel Will See Changes in 2012

Disneyland Hotel Will See Changes in 2012

The Disneyland Hotel – one of three Disney-owned resort hotels at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, CA – is expected to receive some decent upgrades in about two years.

The plans currently call for a redesigned pool area, a new restaurant, and some new tower guest room themes.  There may be more, but Disney hasn’t announced anything else yet.

The Neverland Pool will have a new shallow (about 4′) pool that connects to the water play area, and a new footbridge will span the pool for better access. They’re also going to add rental cabanas to the area.  The main pool will get a new retro theme with a water slide support structure that will mimic the old Disneyland sign.  The slide itself will resemble a monorail.  In addition to the 187-foot-long main slide, there will also be a 3.5-foot high slide for tots.

Hook’s Pointe, Croc’s Bites & Bits, the Wine Cellar and the Lost Bar will give way to a new dining location with a Tahitian theme.  The goal is for it to resemble the original Tahitian Terrace restaurant that once resided in Disneyland. It will include a bar that will boast an adventure theme (in the spirit of the Jungle Cruise).

Guest rooms in the three towers will be re-themed to resemble the lands in the original Disneyland theme park.  Construction will begin this year, and they’ll remodel one tower each year, through 2012.  The towers will be renamed to Adventure Tower, Frontier Tower and Fantasy Tower. The rooms will feature architecture and artwork appropriate for the respective “land”.

All in all, guests will love what they’ve done with the place when it’s all done.  The Disneyland Hotel has deserved an upgrade for a long time – and it’s finally here.

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