New Online Dining Reservation System

New Online Dining Reservation System

Disney is tinkering with the Walt Disney World Online Dining Reservation system – with the hopes of improving it.  In our humble opinion, it can’t get much worse than it currently is.

While currently in “beta” mode, you are able to try it out and see how it works for you.  As soon as you go to the Dining Reservation home page, you’ll notice the new layout.  The search form is at the top of the page and allows for a far more intuitive search than the current system.

New Online Dining Reservations

A screenshot of the new Online Dining Reservations page.


You can search for availability by location, cuisine, experience and time of day.  There’s even a check-box that tells it to only show you restaurants that participate in the Disney Dining Plan.  We feel that this alone will be quite a handy feature, because guests won’t have to read every description or refer to their Dining Plan brochure to see if a specific restaurant qualifies.

Disney says that the page is still a work-in-progress, but it’s ready to use as-is.  Try it out – see what you think. Like we said, it can’t be worse than the previous version!

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