New Tour at Walt Disney World

New Tour at Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World has introduced a brand new behind-the-scenes tour for guests to enjoy at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, called Inspiration: Through Walt’s Eyes.

This insightful 3-hour tour will allow Disney fans to experience a touching acknowledgement of the contributions made by Walt Disney, and how his vision and dedication made him an American icon. Guests will learn about the pivotal moments in which the smallest details in Walt’s daily life became his point of departure for creating everything – from new techniques in animation to unimagined family entertainment.

The tour guide will share stories that reveal how Walt was inspired to pursue his dreams and how his desire to succeed influenced everyone around him.  While walking down Sunset Boulevard, guests will be reminded that his innovation as a filmmaker earned him a record number of Academy Awards, including 59 nominations and 26 Oscars.

After that, travel backstage at Event & Decorating Support to see how this talented team continues Walt’s legacy by ensuring that each grand-scale signature event is staged with expert detail.

Many people don’t know that Walt Disney’s personal childhood memories became the focal point for developing Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom.  On this tour, discover how his concepts became reality through Disney Imagineers’ “language of vision.”

Mere steps from this iconic street, guests will enter the legendary Utilidor (utility corridor) system under the Magic Kingdom, which allows Cast Members to scurry around without ever being seen.  These tunnels originated from Walt’s early vision of a multi-layered city, which he called EPCOT (Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow).

This tour lasts approximately 3 hours and guests must be at least 16 years old to participate (this is a requirement on all tours that venture backstage, as Disney doesn’t want to ruin the “magic” for youngsters).  Surprisingly, theme park admission is not required.

Add this tour to your next trip, and have Mouse Unlimited book it for you.

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