Jungle Cruise to Receive Updates

Jungle Cruise to Receive Updates

Our beloved Jungle Cruise at the Magic Kingdom will see some changes to the cruise spiel around November 15 2009.

About 90% of the spiel will remain the same, but there will be a lot of new material for the skippers to select from. Some of the new material has been brought over from Disneyland, and some is all-new Walt Disney Imagineering material.

All of the classic lines will remain, except for the “inspires you to go” line used at Inspiration Falls.  That line will be tweaked to be slightly less potty-humor based.

Also, in the new script, Chief Name is also reverted back to his original name of Trader Sam.

We understand that most guests aren’t going to notice much of a change, but for the biggest Jungle Cruise fans, look for changes around mid November.


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