Boardwalk Innkeepers Club Review

Boardwalk Innkeepers Club Review

innkeepers club lounge

The Innkeepers Club is the concierge level of the Boardwalk Inn.  Club Level at Walt Disney World hotels involves a designated set of rooms, pre-arrival concierge services, on-site concierge desk, and Club Lounge.

The Innkeepers Club is located on the 4th floor of the Boardwalk Inn.  Most of the Club Level rooms are located inside the keyed access door (use your Magic Band to open) next to the Club desk.  A few rooms on floor 4 and 3 are located outside of the controlled access hallway, and all of the Garden rooms are located on the ground level below this. There are Standard Rooms that sleep up to 5 +1 child under 3 and face the Boardwalk or the Gardens/leisure pool. There is a Deluxe Room that sleeps 6 adults +1 child under 3 that face the Boardwalk. The Garden Rooms sleep 2 +1 child under 3. A few special suites are also part of the Innkeepers Club.


The Club Lounge is located almost directly above Garden Rooms 5-7.  We stayed in a Garden Room in November 2016, so we became well versed in accessing the Lounge from there.  You have two options to reach the Club from the Garden Rooms.  One is the enter the building from the lobby access doors, either the grand stairs to the 2nd floor or the ground floor entrance underneath them.  You take the elevators immediately inside these doors to the 4th floor, turn right out of the elevators, then right down the hallway.  Then you’ll come to an end, turn right again and come to the keyed Club entrance.  This walk using the elevators took us about 5 minutes from Garden Room 1.

boardwalk garden room gate

Garden Room 1 gate, no latch

A second option from the Garden Rooms is to use the stairwell, which is very utilitarian.  There is an ice machine just past Garden Room 1.  In this alcove is a door with a keyed entrance.  Scan your Magic Band to open the door, then take the stairs up to the 4th floor.  The stairs empty out immediately before the keyed Club entrance.  Using the stairwell from Garden Room 1 took us about 2 minutes.

Once you enter through the keyed Club door you have a short walk through more hallway before reaching the Club Lounge.

The Club Lounge is open from 6:30 am to 10  pm.  Continental breakfast is served 7 am to 10:30 am.  Afternoon refreshments are served 11:30 am to 4:00 pm.  Hors d’oeuvres are from 5 pm to 7 pm.  Dessert and cordials are 8 pm to 10 pm.

boardwalk club breakfast

Breakfast carbs and fruit

boardwalk club breakfast

Pre-toast (aka bread) and accessories

innkeepers boardwalk club breakfast

Oatmeal and toppings, hard boiled eggs, bagel toppings

Breakfast featured two hot starches, often vanilla oatmeal and grits.  Bagels, croissants, mini muffins and fruit were regular.  Cereal was available but not displayed.

innkeepers boardwalk club breakfast cereal

Cereal not displayed but available

Breakfast is where the Club Lounge really helped us, since I find quick service options in the area lacking. Having a convenient breakfast option makes staying at the Boardwalk Inn more practical for us.

innkeepers club afternoon lunch

Afternoon snack spread in Boardwalk Club Lounge

boardwalk club lounge afternoon snacks

Finger sandwiches, crudités, chips and popcorn in the afternoon

boardwalk club lounge afternoon snacks

Whole fruit in afternoon

Afternoon snack service was perhaps the best of any of the Clubs we’ve stayed so far.

boardwalk club snacks

Afternoon snacks

There were cookies, chocolate covered almonds, candy corn and gummy worms in the hall outside the Club Lounge.

boardwalk club lounge trail mix

Build Your Own Trail Mix

Inside there was whole fruit, popcorn, chips, veggies, dip, finger sandwiches, and build your own trail mix.  The trail mix station and outside snack station had baggies and twist ties to make your snack adventure-ready.

We only made it to hors d’ouevre service once, but it contained a good selection of cold items like cheese and hot options like cheese fondue.  Okay, there was more food than just cheese!  There was even a chef set up in the Lounge making some of the hot options right there.

innkeepers club lounge dessert boardwalk

Club Lounge desserts and cordials

boardwalk club desserts

Dessert and cordials service was timed perfectly with the end of nearly all our park days.  Dessert options varied, but some options we often found were assorted macarons, crème brûlée and chocolate mousse oreos.

All day long there is an espresso machine just inside the Club and hot water for the selection of tea.  One cooler is stocked with Sprite, Coke, Diet Coke, ginger ale and juice boxes.  During morning and afternoon hours the second cooler contained milk, chocolate milk, V8, orange juice, and sometimes yogurt.  A cart with dispensers had milk and cranberry juice in the morning, lemonade and iced tea in the afternoon and evening.  There was also a dispenser closer to the TV with ice water.  Small bottles of Dasani water were available upon request.

innkeepers club lounge

Partial view of Lounge seating

There are several tables in the Lounge, plus a small area with a tv and couch. The tv programming varied, possibly by request of those in the Lounge. Newspapers are available in the Lounge but are not delivered to your room.

Long, narrow lounge balcony

innkeepers club lounge balcony

Lounge balcony looking toward World Showcase

There is a long, narrow balcony just outside that overlooks the Gardens. We did not partake, but there is a partial view of IllumiNations from this balcony.

innkeepers club

Trays available upon request

The area can be busy during breakfast and evening hours. Trays are available upon request to take food back to your room.

We found other Club guests to skew more adult than other times we’ve stayed Club level. I suspect this is due to being a convention hotel and the Crescent Lake area drawing more adult couples than Magic Kingdom area. There were families and children, but not as many as I expected.

innkeepers club lounge

Lounge seating

One thing we’ve noticed at all Club Lounges, but particularly at this one, was food service ended promptly at the specified times.  Items can run low or even be pulled early, so don’t want until 10 minutes before breakfast ends to head to the Lounge.

Pre-arrival concierge services start after you’ve booked your Club level room. You will be contacted via email and they can assist with dining reservations and other plans during your stay. Since I do not need assistance with that, I have only used these services sparingly.

The Club desk is staffed from 7 am to 10 pm. The Club desk serves as both the concierge and front desk for your Club stay. Usually when we stay Club level we are intercepted in the porte cochere and escorted to the Club desk for check-in. This time we were not so we headed straight to our room (we receive our room number via text thanks to Online Check-In.) If this happens to you, always stop by the Club desk to mention you’ve just checked-in and they will have some welcome information.

innkeepers club

I love having the Club desk available to quickly and easy help and answer questions during the trip. I had positive experiences with everyone at the desk and in the lounge. Since you’ll often see the same people each day, it’s a great opportunity to form bonds with Cast Members. I discovered that not only did I go to high school with one Cast Member’s cousin, but we had lockers next to each other for 3 years! That unique connection is something that makes these visits special from all our other stays.

club level turndown

Turndown with Ghirardelli chocolate

Last, but not least, Club level stays include nightly turndown. Who doesn’t love a freshly folded bed and chocolate on your pillow? Housekeeping was the one weakness of our stay. Sometimes trash was left in our room, towels were taken but not replaced, and dirty dishes sat outside our door for an entire day. Some days we missed housekeeping because we were already back to our room for naps before they got to us. Likewise, we missed some turndowns. You do not receive turndown on your check-in day.

The Innkeepers Club at the Boardwalk Inn was my favorite Club experiences we’ve had so far. Overall the offerings in the Club Lounge exceeded my expectations and we had great experiences with the Club Cast Members. I particularly love the unique Garden Rooms that are part of the Innkeepers Club and would stay there again in a heartbeat!


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