Park Bag for Adults

Park Bag for Adults

After many years of visiting Disney theme parks I’ve perfected the process of packing my park bag.  I could call this Park Bag Packing 101, but this is more than an entry level course.  I present my thesis for park bags for adults!


Let’s start with the bag.  It took many years before I learned about LeSportsac bags, but I now consider them perfect park bags.  The ripstop nylon is lightweight and water resistant.  I like the Cleo the best.  It’s a good combination of roomy interior but small profile, and has a strap that can be short over the shoulder or long crossbody.

Magic Bands are a must carry item.  I still carry a small wallet with my photo ID, health insurance card, and any cards necessary for discounts or membership validation (DVC Member card and a Disney Visa card for me.)  I also carry a small amount of cash as backup and a private souvenir budget.

My phone and chapstick are my two most important personal items.  I don’t carry a phone charger, but anyone who heavily uses their phone may consider carrying one or a portable charging device.

Sunglasses and sunscreen are vital items no matter the time of year.  I reapply sunscreen throughout the day to ward off that Florida sunshine.

I carry a small envelope to store all the receipts from the day.  I empty the envelope every night and at the end of the trip I check my receipts against my room charge bill and my credit card account.  I also carry a pen and/or a pencil with me to make notes on receipts or our itinerary.

At quick service meals I stash any extra leftover napkins in my bag.  These come in handy for an unexpected messes.

I carry around a small arsenal of items for personal needs.  Gum is not sold on Disney property so I always pack my own.  A mirror, kleenex, hairbrush, extra hair tie, nail clipper, nail file, eyedrops, and floss can help me feel human in sometimes physically draining environments.

I carry Tums, a small case of medicines (pain killer, allergy relief), and Lactaid for comfort at my fingertips.  Some of these items can be purchased in the parks in a pinch, but they take up so little space in my bag I’d rather save the money when I need them.  I don’t carry bandaids in the parks because I always wear broken in shoes.  If you don’t carry bandaids and need one, stop by First Aid for gratis assistance.

Hand sanitizer goes beyond its obvious utility and is my secret awesome way to remind yourself of vacation.  Pack a scented hand sanitzer that you only use on vacation.  Everytime you smell the hand sanitizer at home, you’ll instantly be transported to your lovely Disney memories.  I have a ridiculous stock of Midnight Pomegranate PocketBac so I can use the same scent on vacation forever.

The small carabiner is a late addition to my park bag.  I find these super convenient for carrying around park shopping bags when you don’t use resort hotel delivery.

My camera spends 95% of the day around my neck, but this Nikon D5100 can fit in the LeSportsac Cleo if I need additional protection from the elements (or I’m riding Tower of Terror.)  I have a neoprene case that I stash an extra memory card in.  I charge the battery and backup all photos in at least one place every night.  My polka dot camera strap is a subtle way to improve the look of wearing a camera all day.


Here is my alternate park bag for hot weather months.  It’s the same pack as before, with the addition of a filtered water bottle, disposable poncho, and handheld fan.  In the summer months, I usually carry a poncho everywhere everyday.  In the fall, winter and spring I check the forecast before putting one in my park bag for the day.





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