Memory Maker for your Walt Disney World Vacation

Memory Maker for your Walt Disney World Vacation

Memory Maker is the newest option you can add on to your Walt Disney World vacation package.  If you’re familiar with Photopass, you will recognize Memory Maker as a new version of Photopass+.

What is Photopass?

Photopass is a service available in the parks (and on some occasions deluxe hotels) that allows everyone in your family to be in the photo as the Photopass photographer takes shots of you in front of park icons like Cinderella Castle and Spaceship Earth. You can buy prints or digital downloads of individual photos or a CD with copies of every photo from your trip.

What is Photopass+?

Photopass+ added select ride photos and character dining experience photos to Photopass, as well as the in-park photos regularly included. The Photopass+ cost includes a CD copy of all of your photos after your trip. It’s a great way to remember different parts of your trip, like your child’s first ride on Splash Mountain, without paying for them piecemeal.

What is Memory Maker?

Memory Maker is the next-gen incarnation of Photopass+ that replaces the photo CD with digital downloads.  It includes your in park Photopass photos, select ride and character dining experience photos. The photos are integrated into your My Disney Experience account and you can download all of your photos during or after your trip. Your Magic Band can be scanned by Photopass photographers to link them to your account, alleviating the need to carry a separate Photopass card. If you prefer to use a separate card, you may still use your Photopass or Memory Maker card. All three linking options are valid.

How do I buy Memory Maker?

Memory Maker can be added to your Walt Disney World vacation package or purchased separately through your My Disney Experience account. It costs $149.00 (UPDATE-$169.00 as of December 3, 2014) (UPDATE #2-the price is back to $149.00 for advance purchase as of December 14, 2015) for advance purchase. If you do not make an advance purchase at least 3 days prior to your trip, you can still purchase on site at the regular price of $199.00 (UPDATE-$169 immediate usage price as of December 14, 2015).

Anything special I should know?

Memory Maker must be purchased at least 3 days prior to the start of your vacation to take full advantage of the discounted advance purchase cost. Any photos taken less than 3 after your purchase are not included in the Memory Maker download.

Once you take your first photo, you have 30 days to take photos under your Memory Maker purchase. For most guests this 30 day window will not be a factor, but if you are taking multiple trips close together, this may be to your advantage.

If you’re traveling with a group of family or friends, you can all share one Memory Maker.  Everyone’s profiles in My Disney Experience should be linked as Friends and Family AND have photo sharing enabled.

Memory Maker does not include a CD copy of your photos. Photos are strictly available via download under the Memory Maker purchase. However, you are able to purchase additional products or prints available on the website.

You can download pictures one at at time, all at once, during your trip, or after you get home. Your photos will expire and no longer be available to download 45 days after the photo was taken. Be sure to make any desired edits, like adding graphics, and download before your 45 day expiration hits.

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