November Trip Report, Day 6

November Trip Report, Day 6

The next day we planned to spend at Epcot, and it started off hilariously bad.  We had already done Seas with Nemo, Test Track was still down for its reimagining and neither of us can ride Mission Space, so those were all off the table.  Soarin’ Fastpass return times were during our lunch, Living with the Land was down, and  Turtle Talk was not running.  That left us to ride Journey Into Imagination and see Captain EO.  What a morning!


By the time we did those two things, Soarin’ Fastpass return times worked with our schedule, so we got those and rode Spaceship Earth.  We had a lunch reservation at Le Cellier for a Candlelight Processional seating, so we headed to Canada.


Our last meal at Le Cellier was several years ago, but the cheddar cheese soup and pretzel bread were just as yummy as I remember.  However, soup, bread, steak, potatoes and dessert are a lot to eat at noon.  We were absolutely stuffed when we walked out.  After a short break at our room and a chance to repack my bag for the evening, we were back to Epcot.

We used our Fastpasses at Soarin’ and lucked into a spot very quickly.  Normally we experience a small wait with Fastpasses, but we were waiting to board in only the time it took to walk the queue.  Being a group of two can be an advantage here when there are spaces left in rows, and nothing but families in line.

After that, we headed to World Showcase to get in the dinner package line for Candlelight Processional.  The tickets they give you at your meal are actually stickers, so you just stick them to your shirt and the people monitoring the line know you’re permitted there.  We got in line 45 minutes before the 5:00 show, and the line was almost to Morocco, and steadily grew as we waited.  The line moved very fast once they started loading the theater though.


Neil Patrick Harris was the narrator this night.  Our friends actually rode Peter Pan behind him in Magic Kingdom earlier that day!  He had a few witty remarks before and after the show, and did a great job narrating the story of Christmas.  We loved the experience and think the show is great.  Next time, we’ll eat somewhere we can do a dinner package at, with seating at a later show.

After our show ended, we made the the very short walk to American Adventure.  By the time our salute to America was over, we had finally burned through some of our huge lunch.  We got some food at Liberty Inn, and listened to the next Candlelight Processional show from the outdoor seating.


There seemed to be a lot of people hanging around America for the purpose of seeing the show.  While you can certainly hear it, and see some of it, the experience is better seated in the theater.  There is a lot of talking and other distracting noise around America.

A great looking Santa and Mrs. Claus were meeting in America.  As an adult, I drew the line on meeting them, and instead took a paparazzi style shot.


Soon after our small dinner, we meet up with one of our friends for the evening.  Once he arrived, we walked through Italy and Germany.



Instead of continuing to wander aimlessly and accidentally split up, we decided to go to the Boardwalk to see their Christmas decorations.





We all made it back to Epcot in time to stake out spots in America for IllumiNations and hear the third Candlelight Processional.


When I look at the picture below, I can hear the narrator starting the show, “We’ve gathered here tonight around the fire as people of all lands have gathered for thousands and thousands of years before us…” and you anxiously await the blowing out of the torches.


Because this was Christmas season, there was a special holiday tag, which extends the show.  There were so many bursts in the tag though, the only decent pictures I have are from the regular show.



After IllumiNations ended, we made our way to the front of the park, stopping for lots of pictures.


We got stuck by the drawbridge as the IllumiNations barges were put away…







Unfortunately we got to the front of the park after they stopped monorail service (they were still running, but without guests).  Thankfully there was a bus already waiting for monorail resort guests, so we only had a short journey back to the Contemporary with a few other late nighters.


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