Star Wars’ Droid Factory Opening Soon

Star Wars’ Droid Factory Opening Soon

Disney will be offering a customizable Star Wars merchandise experience soon.

While opening concurrently with Star Wars Weekends, the Droid Factory will become a permanent fixture inside Tatooine Traders, the gift shop at the exit of Star Tours.

At the Droid Factory, guests will be ale to build their own R-Series Astromech Droid figures.  The small figures can be created from 71 parts in several color options.  Novelty Disney hats can be added as well.

The developer of this product, Cody Hampton, said, “We began discussing the Droid Factory in 2009. We know that personalization is an important aspect of the popular build-your-own light saber experience. We felt the same thing could be done with action figures but on a much larger scale.”

The price will be $11.95 for one, or a 2-pack for $18.95.

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