New Travel Documents from WDW

New Travel Documents from WDW

Beginning this year, Disney has changed the way it prints and mails Walt Disney World vacation documents.  The types of documents you’ll receive from Disney vary based on the vacation type you book and the options you’ve selected.

Packages, which are a room plus tickets or a room plus tickets and dining plan, receive a booklet and souvenir luggage tags.  The booklet includes a list of your package options and features, a sample PhotoPass card, and vouchers for your magical extras (coupons for items like recreation and spa).  If you select the use of Magical Express, you also receive instructions for using the service, vouchers to be scanned at the airport, and yellow luggage tags.

Previously, Magical Express and package documents were printed and mailed separately.  New this year, Magical Express documents for all packages are printed in the package booklet, and no longer in a separate booklet.  How does this impact you, particularly when booking with a travel agent?

When booking a package, you’ll no longer have two booklets to keep track of. All important information is contained in one booklet.  Your Magical Express vouchers, which are scanned before boarding a bus at the airport, are now printed in your package booklet.  Yellow Magical Express luggage tags, which allow your bags to be magically transported directly from the airport to your hotel, are also printed and mailed with this combined booklet.

If you have booked a room only reservation including Magical Express usage, you will receive the “old” Magical Express booklet with vouchers and yellow luggage tags.  Vacation documents are not printed for room only bookings, so your Magical Express booklet is the only document you’ll receive from Disney.

This new printing system has been in place for approximately two months now, and we believe it is a positive change.  Disney ships vacation documents to travel agents, and we then forward the documents directly to you.  We are now receiving package documents with Magical Express approximately 3-4 weeks before check-in.  This is an improvement on previous package document delivery times, and matches the amount of time it used to take just Magical Express documents to reach us.

Package documents without Magical Express are still arriving around 2 weeks before check-in.  It appears Disney may be using two sources to print and mail package documents, which would explain the lag time between the two types of documents.

Here is a break down of approximate times you may expect your travel documents to arrive from us.  Exact arrival and delivery times will vary:

Package with Magical Express – 3 to 4 weeks
Package without Magical Express – 2 to 3 weeks
Room only with Magical Express – 2 to 4 weeks
Room only without Magical Express – no documents

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