Space Mountain Has New Audio

Space Mountain Has New Audio

Space Mountain at the Magic Kingdom has seen some recent enhancements, which strangely did not come during the year-long refurbishment – but are quote welcomed.

A new sound system has been installed in the ride, with 60 speakers installed alongside the tracks, rather than in your actual ride vehicle.  While the audio isn’t quite as immersive as that on Rock-n-Roller Coaster, it’s still a neat effect.

There is a soundtrack that plays throughout the ride, but is not necessarily synchronized with your ride vehicle – it’s just a loop of music. However, there are new sensors in the track that trigger location-specific sound effects, which riders have reported as being well-timed and “appropriate”.

They haven’t used any state of the art technology and definitely aren’t breaking any new records or registering any new patents with this one, but it’s most definitely a welcome feature to such a classic ride.

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