Tower of Terror Enhancements

Tower of Terror Enhancements

WARNING: Spoiler Alert!

Ok, we warned you. We’re about to divulge gory details on the recent enhancements made to Walt Disney World’s Tower of Terror for Summer Nightastic.

Some of the enhancements will likely be permanent, but some are obviously temporary based on keen observations.  Based on reports we’ve read online – and on a first-hand report from a good friend of Mouse Unlimited who’s in WDW right now – we have assembled the following list of upgrades and enhancements made to the Tower of Terror.

  • A few changes have been made to the scenery in the queue.
  • Once in the Boiler Room, the lights flicker and actually go out occasionally, as lightning hits the building. Very cool effect.
  • Observant guests will notice an extra flash of light at the beginning of the “hallway” scene. Read on to find out why.
  • As your elevator reaches the “Fifth Dimension” and starts traveling horizontally, you’ll notice that new black curtains with embedded fiber-optic “stars” are covering the scenes on either side of the track.  Some rumors are that they’re still remodeling the scenery behind the curtains, but we think they’re to help darken the room more for another new effect.
  • Hints in the previous two bullet points lead to this new effect.  As your elevator approaches the bi-parting doors leading to the “drop shaft”, you’ll see a projection on a screen right in front of you depicting your actual elevator, which is actually an image taken during the flash of light in the hallway scene.  As you get closer, the people fade away to an empty elevator.
  • Then the doors part and you plunge into total darkness as you enter the drop shaft. And instead of hearing Rod Serling’s voice, you now hear music from the early 1900s. It’s very vintage and crackly, like it’s playing off of a record.  We hear that it really adds to the creepy mood.
  • Before your randomly selected drop sequence begins, you hear some recorded (or are they?) screams and the sound of screeching metal (i.e. the elevator cables snapping).  Then the fun begins.
  • If you’re lucky, you’ll experience the new drop sequence. There are 4 total, and the “tower” selects the one you’ll get randomly each time.  Some clever computer programming has allowed them to make one of the best sequences yet – featuring more than one full-height drops.  There hasn’t been a 13-story drop since the original ride back in the 1990s.
  • Apparently, there are some new lighting effects inside the drop shafts, which help illuminate a “stone wall” of some sorts. We’re not clear on these details, as reports are varied.
  • If you’re around the tower at night, watch for the eerie green glow coming from the drop shafts as the elevators plunge.

All-in-all, the improvements made to the Tower of Terror are definitely positive.  We’re hoping that at least some of them are permanent, but its likely that a few will go away when Summer Nightastic is over in August.

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