NextGen C-3PO Greeting Guests at the Studios

NextGen C-3PO Greeting Guests at the Studios

A few weeks ago we reported that Disneyland had debuted a new type of character meet-n-greet, with a talking, interactive Mickey Mouse. Well, they’ve done it again – this time at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida.

Some lucky Guests were fortunate enough to meet the newest addition – albeit probably temporary – to the Star Wars character line-up…C-3PO.  And not only does he walk around and interact with guests, but he actually talks.

One guest, who posted the photo below on another site, said that he and his son were waiting to meet Princess Leah and R2D2, when out walks C-3PO.  He wondered why several Walt Disney Imagineering and members of Management were casually gathered in the area.

He reported that C-3PO spoke with a perfectly accurate voice from the movies, and he actually addressed his son by name and commented on his shirt (which was Star Wars themed).

We’re guessing that this is merely a special appearance for Star Wars Weekends, but it’s also a very cool way to continue testing Disney’s next-generation characters. We can only imagine what they have up their sleeve for the future.

Here is a photo (with the guests removed) of the character line-up from last Sunday’s surprise appearance.

C-3PO Greets Guests at DHS

C-3PO Greets and Talks to Guests at Disney's Hollywood Studios


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