Disneyland’s Rivers of America to be Unveiled

Disneyland’s Rivers of America to be Unveiled

Disneyland’s Rivers of America are set to re-open this week, after a several-month refurbishment.  After a lifetime with no real identity, the “rivers” now have four distinct areas.

According to Kim Irvine, Art Director for Walt Disney Imagineering, the rivers that make up the Rivers of America never really had true identities, but they do now.  The four United States rivers now represented with their own areas are the Mississippi, the Columbia, the Potomac and the Rio Grande.

According to sources at The Orange County Register, the following changes and enhancements were made:

  • New 2,500 foot track for the Mark Twain Riverboat and Sailing Ship Columbia to follow
  • A corral for live ponies – the first live animals to inhabit the banks
  • An additional 4,000 shrubs and 130 trees that correspond to their “river’s” environment
  • 10 new figures, with the existing 16 being refurbished
  • A new sign saying “Mike Fink’s Keel Boat” in front of the cabin
  • A new paddle-wheel on the Mark Twin Riverboat
  • Almost all of the docks were replaced

Along with the upgrades to the Rivers, the Mark Twain Riverboat will feature a new storyline narrative which will explain the four rivers to guests.  There will be new scenes along the river with live animals and a new resident in the burning cabin.

Imagineers used old sketches done by famous Imagineers Marc Davis and Sam McKim to design the new scenery. A map below, created by two people at The Register, depicts the new scenes along the River.

Disneyland Rivers of America

The new layout and scenes of Disneyland's Rivers of America

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