Electrical Parade Beginning to Arrive at WDW

Electrical Parade Beginning to Arrive at WDW

An unnamed Cast Member at Walt Disney World in Florida has “leaked” some very exciting photos of the first of many Electrical Parade floats arriving after their long journey from California.  See below.

This parade is slated to run from June 12 through August 14 in place of SpectroMagic, which has been running since 1991.  While being called the Disney Electrical Parade for the summer, it was originally known to Disney guests as the Main Street Electrical Parade, until it was shipped to Disneyland in California after SpectroMagic took over in Walt Disney World.

Rumors are that the parade will actually stick around longer than just this summer, but that’s as long as Disney has officially published the dates so far.

WDW has allocated a parking lot near the Holiday Services warehouse, which is in the service area north of the Magic Kingdom, for the storage and preparation of the Electrical Parade floats.  It’s assumed that they will relocate the floats to the Parade Storage Building behind Splash Mountain once they have all arrived and have been un-boxed and sorted.

Below are three photos taken by a brave Cast Member as he/she was driving home from work at the Magic Kingdom.  The first photo shows the empty lot with a sandwich-board sign saying “Reserved for Electrical Parade”. The second shows a semi truck parked along the side of Center Drive, waiting to be cleared.  The last shows that same truck turning the corner near the Disney Transport & Monorail Garage.

Electrical Parade Temporary Lot

Temporary holding lot for the Electrical Parade floats as they arrive from Disneyland

Electrical Parade Floats on a Truck

Electrical Parade floats boxed up and sitting on a semi trailer.

Electrical Parade Floats on the Road

Electrical Parade floats on a truck heading east to the temporary storage lot

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