Changes at the Studios this Summer

Changes at the Studios this Summer

There are reports circulating the web that Disney’s Hollywood Studios will see some welcomed enhancements this summer.

The Tower of Terror, as we’ve reported previously, is supposed to be getting some lighting enhancements and possibly even a new drop sequence.  We know that electrical work will be done, because they filed for a building permit already.

It’s now rumored that Rock ‘n Roller Coaster will be getting a new interactive queue, perhaps even the queueless-queue, which they tested late last year. Nobody is sure if the Aerosmith theming will be retired or not. Rock ‘n Roller Coaster is scheduled to close from May 15 – 20, 2010.

Lastly, Toy Story Mania is slated to shut down from August 15 – September 4.  It’s said that Imagineering will be taking advantage of the adaptive software they wrote for the ride by integrating a new game into the attraction.  Speculation is that the balloon pop game will be re-themed from Bo Peep to Rex and Trixie (from the new movie), and will feature a volcano theme.

Nothing is official until Disney announces it, but these are strong rumors that were worth repeating!

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