New Model of Proposed Fantasyland Expansion

New Model of Proposed Fantasyland Expansion

We published a number of articles back in September regarding the major expansion taking place at Walt Disney World’s Fantasyland, including the artist’s rendering of what the new land might look like.

We have now obtained (and labeled) a new photo taken of the scale model that Walt Disney Imagineering created to provide a better perspective on the expanded land.

You can click the image below to view a full screen version, but allow us first to explain what you’re looking at.

  • In the top left corner you’ll see a red-roof cottage, a bridge, some rockwork, and what looks like the top of a castle sitting on top of a building. This is the Beauty and the Beast area. The cottage (near Pinocchio Village Haus) is where guests will have an opportunity to meet Belle, and the rocky area and spires will be the Beast’s castle, which will house two new restaurants: Be Our Guest (Table Service) and Gaston’s Tavern (Quick Service) off to the right side.
  • In the top center will be a new Little Mermaid dark ride, similar to Snow White or Pooh, but better themed.  The queue will be the brown rocky part on the left, and the ride will take place in the large rectangular building (which used to be where 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea resided.  Guests will ride along in clam-mobiles (similar to Haunted Mansion Doom Buggies) through a musical story based on the movie.
  • To the right of Little Mermaid is where the proposed Pixie Hollow will go, which will have a playground area for little ones, and places to meet your favorite Pixies.
  • The old Toon Town Train Station is slated to stay put, but perhaps with a new theme.
  • Goofy’s Barnstormer will be the only remaining part of Toontown, but will be re-themed to match the circus feel of Dumbo.
  • Dumbo is being moved to the plot of land north of the Speedway, and next to Barnstormer. The current spinner will be duplicated (to double capacity) and the queue will wind through a new circus tent. It’s rumored that they will implement their Next Generation Queue, which will offer a “holding pen” and a “take a number” type system.
  • Right in the middle they are suggesting some new meet-n-greet areas for the princesses, Cinderella and Aurora. They’ll each have their own cottage and garden areas. These are supposed to be interactive meet-n-greets, which will supposedly offer more than a 30-second meeting and autograph session.

Check back for updates, as we’re sure this plan will change over time.

Proposed Fantasyland Expansion Model

Scale model of the proposed Fantasyland Expansion project at the Magic Kingdom.

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